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Gluten Free Platters

When you have guests at your event it's important to caterer for all dietary requirements, that's why at Cosmic Cocktails 7 catering we make life easy for you. We offer platter catering for all guests - Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy Free just ask us when booking and we are happ to assist you with your selections.

If your guests have Coeliac Disease please inform us so we can put your mind at ease and answer any questions you have about the preparation of our Gluten Free Platters. We uses separate chopping boards, knives, bowls and other utensils when preparing Gluten Free Canapes and Finger Food.


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Vegetarian (v) and Gluten Free (gf) options are available on marked items
  • Finger Food Platter Crudites Mixed Vegetarian


    ✔ Freshly Cut Vegetables served with Avocado and Roasted Capsicum Dip

    Suit Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free

  • Finger Food Platter Hot Gluten Free


    ✔ 12 x Chipolata's Wrapped in Ham (gf)
    ✔ 10 x Cajun Spiced Chicken Drumettes (gf)
    ✔ 10 x Tandoori Chicken Skewers (gf)
    ✔ 12 x Crumbed Chicken Bites (gf)
    ✔ 12 x Prawn Toasts (gf)
    ✔ Served with Gluten Free Tomato Sauce & Teriyaki Sauce (gf)

  • Finger Food Platter Mixed Satay


    Malaysian Style Satay Platter

    ✔ 20 Chicken Satay Sticks (gf)
    ✔ 20 Beef Satay Sticks (gf)
    ✔ Served with a Satay Sauce

  • Finger Food Deluxe Cupcakes


    Deluxe Cupcake Catering available in boxes of 12 in the following flavours:

    ✔ Lemon Cheesecake Cupcake (Available in Gluten Free)
    ✔ Red Velvet Cupcake (Available in Gluten Free)
    ✔ Tiramisu Cupcake (Available in Gluten Free)
    ✔ Mint Chocolate Cupcake (Available in Gluten Free)
    ✔ Oreo Cupcake
    ✔ Reece's Peanut Butter Cupcake
    ✔ Chocolate Red Wine Cupcake (Available in Gluten Free)
    ✔ Peaches & Cream Cupcake (Available in Gluten Free)
    ✔ Pina Colada Cupcake (Available in Gluten Free)
    ✔ Chocolate & Marshmallow Cupcake (Available in Gluten Free)
    ✔ Mini Smore's Cupcake (Available in Gluten Free)

  • Finger Food Platter Mixed Cold Gluten Free


    ✔ 12 x Sweet Potato, Zucchini and Feta Frittatas (v) (gf)
    ✔ 10 x Ham and Salad Wraps (gf)
    ✔ 12 x Brushetta on Gluten Free Mini Toasts (v) (gf)
    ✔ 10 x Cajun Chicken Drumettes (gf)
    ✔ 12 x Prawns wrapped in Proscuitto (gf)
    ✔ Served with Sweet Chiili Dipping Sauce (v) (gf)

  • Finger Food Platter Mixed Cold Gluten Free 2


    Full of Flavor - Free of Gluten

    ✔ 12 x Basil Hummus Stuffed Baby Peppers (v) (gf)
    ✔ 10 x Blue Cheese, Pear and Walnut Salad in Witlof (v) (gf)
    ✔ 12 x Mini BLT (gf)
    ✔ 10 x Spicy Prawn Taco Bites (gf)
    ✔ 12 x Zucchini and Cashew Sushi (v) (gf)

  • Finger Food Platter Standard Ocean Gluten Free


    ✔ 24 Plump Large Prawns with Thousand Island Dressing (gf)
    ✔ 12 Seared Scallops in Sweet Chilli (gf)
    ✔ 12 Fresh Australian or New Zealand Oysters (gf)
    ✔ 16 Smoked Salmon Roll ups with Cream Cheese and herbs (gf)
    ✔ 16 Marinated Mussels (gf)